Headwall Micro-Hyperspec VNIR E-Series

Headwall Micro-Hyperspec VNIR E-Series

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Micro-Hyperspec? VNIR E-Series
Our Micro-Hyperspec? VNIR E-series sensors are meant for manned aircraft, field, or lab use. The VNIR-E sensor is CE certified and features outstanding spectral and spatial resolution and speed.


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ContentMicro-Hyperspec? VNIR E-Series Our Micro-Hyperspec? VNIR E-series sensors are meant for manned aircraft, field, or lab use. The VNIR-E sensor is CE certified and features outstanding spectral and spatial resolution and speed.Specim FX10 Specim FX10 is a line-scan hyperspectral camera that operates in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) region. It is an excellent tool for industrial and scientific applications. The Specim FX10 operates in the 400-1000 nm region, and the color-optimized Specim FX10c in the 400-780 nm region.SWIR SWIR is a high-speed short-wave infrared hyperspectral camera that operates in the 1000-2500 nm range. It has 384 spatial pixels and achieves image rates of up to 400 frames per second using a CameraLink connection. To assure indoor/outdoor usage in varying conditions, it now has rugged weather-proof IP54 casing and temperature-stabilized optics but still uses less power than before, only 50W nominal. Its temperature-stabilized optics provide stability and sensitivity required in the most challenging near-infrared chemical imaging applications, from pharmaceutical quality assurance to food and agriculture analysis. The SWIR camera meets the highest requirements in the lab, industry, and field.HySpex Mjolnir S-620 The HySpex Mjolnir S-620 hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs is the SWIR version of the Mjolnir camera series. Similar to the VNIR version, it provides a unique combination of small form factor and low mass, combined with high-performance specifications and scientific grade data quality. With a weight of less than 4.5 kg and less than 50 W power consumption, HySpex Mjolnir S-620 is very well suited for a wide range of UAVs. NEO offers high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles, fully integrated with the HySpex Mjolnir S-620. The UAV is fitted with a standard battery package allowing up to 30 minutes of flight time. All HySpex Mjolnir systems can also be mounted on a tripod and rotation stage for ground use.Pika UV 330 - 800 nm Ultraviolet + Visible The Pika UV (formerly NUV2) is a hyperspectral camera that scans the Visible and Near Ultraviolet (VIS+NUV) spectral range. An optimized objective lens provides excellent imaging throughout the entire spectral range. Because halogen lights have low output in much of the NUV, Resonon offers an NUV lighting module to augment illumination for our desktop system. The Pika UV can be used in our airborne, laboratory, and outdoor hyperspectral systems, as well as standalone or integrated into your system.HySpex VS-1200 The HySpex VS-1200 hyperspectral camera is developed for airborne applications requiring extreme resolution in both VNIR and SWIR spectral regions. The HySpex VS-1200 is a novel high-resolution instrument designed for airborne applications at altitudes greater than 400m. The camera produces the highest scientific grade level data, commercially available, having FWHM less than 1.2 pixels spatially and less than 1.5 pixels spectrally. The combined VNIR-SWIR cube has coregistration errors, and smile and keystone of less than 10% of a pixel. With 40 degrees FOV, the camera is ideal for mapping large areas with high accuracy and resolution. The camera is delivered with an integrated high-performance IMU/GPS and data acquisition unit with removable storage bays as a standard. Existing navigation systems can also be integrated/utilized. A standard passive damping solution is included as a part of the default delivery package, but mounting plates for active damping solutions, such as GSM4000 or PAV80 can be supplied.
DescriptionSpectral Range = 400-1000 / 400-780 (c-version) Spectral resolution (FWHM) = 5.5 nm (mean) Spectral sampling/pixel = 2.7 nm, With default binning Spectral bands = 224 / 140 (c-version), With default binning Numerical aperture = 1.7, With default lens Optics magnification = 0.80 Effective pixel size = 19.9x9.97 ?m, At fore lens image plane Effective slit width = 42 ?m, At fore lens image plane Effective slit length = 10.2 mm, At fore lens image plane SNR @ max. signal = 420 : 1 Spatial samples = 1024 Bit depth = 12 Maximum frame rate = 327 FPS full range / 514 FPS full range (c-version) Binning = 2,4,8 spectral and spatial Default: 2 spectral x 1 spatial ROI = Freely selectable multiple bands of interest. Minimum height of ROI is two 1-binned rows. Maximum frame rate is determined by the total number of rows included in the mMROI?s Pixel operability = 99.993% Image corrections = Non uniformity correction/Bad pixel replacement/Automatic Image Enhancement (AIE)/One point NUC. AIE: Unified spectral calibration + corrected smile and keystone aberrations Sensor material = CMOS Sensor cooling = Passive Full well capacity = 90 ke- Read-out modes = IWR / ITR Optics temperature = Passive Lens mount = Custom mount Fore lens FOV options = 12 deg/ 38 deg (default)/ 47 deg/ 51 deg/ 83 deg. Only the default lens is specifically designed for FX10. With other lens options, optical parameters may vary. Camera digital data output/control interface = GigE Vision, CameraLink Camera control protocols = GenICam, ASCII Power input = 12 V DC (+-10%) Power consumption = Max 4 W Connectors = Industrial Ethernet OR CameraLink 26-pin, 0.5? MDR IP = IP52 Dimensions (L x W x H) = 150 x 85 x 71 mm Mounting surface option on three sides. Mounting kit adds 24 mm distance on mounting side. Weight = 1.3 kg Storage temperature = -20 ... +50?C (non-condensing) Operating temperature = +5 ? +40?C (non-condensing) Relative humidity = 5% - 95% (non-condensing)Spectral range = 1000 - 2500 nm Spectral resolution (FWHM) = 12 nm (30 ?m slit) Spectral sampling / pixel = 5.6 nm F/# = F/2.0 Slit width = 30 ?m (50 or 80 ?m optional) Effective slit length = 9.2 mmRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Sensor = Cryogenically cooled MCT detector Spatial pixels = 384 Spectral bands = 288 Pixel size = 24 x 24 ?m Detector cooling = Stirling, 25 000 h MTTF Signal-to-noise ratio = 1050:1 (at max. signal level) Camera output = 16 bit CameraLink Data cable Length = 5m Camera control = USB/RS232 Frame grabber = NI-1433 Epix grabber = E4* Frame rate = 450 fps (maximum full frame) Exposure time range = 0.1 - 20 ms Power consumption = Nominal < 50 W Input voltage = 18 - 36 VNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Size (L x W x H) = Sensor 545 x 176 x 178 mm, PSU & control unit 300 x 190 x 130 mm Weight = 14 kg & approx. 5 kg Body = Anodized aluminium with mounting screwholes Lens mount = Standard C-mount Shutter = Electro-mechanicalONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS Storage = -20... +50 ?C Operating = +5... +40 ?C non-condensingSpectral range = 970 - 2500 nm Spatial pixels = 620 Spectral channels and sampling = 300 bands @ 5.1 nm F-number = F1.9 FOV = 20? Pixel FOV across/along = 0.54/0.54 mrad Bit resolution = 16 bit Noise floor = 80 e- Dynamic range = 10000 Peak SNR (at full resolution) > 900 Max speed (at full resolution) = 170 fps Power consumption* = 50 W Dimensions (l-w-h)* = 254 - 175 - 170 mm Weight* < 4.5 kg *Includes IMU/GPS and DAU - <5 kg including standard batterySpectral Range (nm) = 330 - 800 Spectral Channels = 255 Spectral Bandwidth (nm) = 1.8 Spectral Resolution - FWHM (nm) = 2.8 Spatial Pixels = 1500 Max Frame Rate (fps) = 142 f/# = 2.8 InterfaceUSB = 3.0 Dimensions (mm) = 230 x 107 x 85 Weight, w/o lens (kg) = 2.27
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